Facility & Equipment

The Data Analysis and Visualization CyberInfrastructure (DAVinCI) visualization wall is located in the Chevron Visualization Lab (Keith-Wiess 306). Consisting of 16 stackable projection displays from Barco, the 4×4 array measures 14 feet by 8 feet. The display resolution of the wall is 7680×4320, totaling more than 33 million pixels. The display wall also provides stereoscopic 3D using active shutter glasses, additionally an IR tracking system from Vicon provides 3D tracking capabilities for immersive applications.

There are two computer systems available for driving the wall. One is running Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 and hosts a pair of nvidia quadro plex units in a single large shared memory server. In total, the system has 4 GPUs and 24GB video memory, as well as 4 CPUs for a total of 40 cores and 512GB shared memory. The second system is running Microsoft Windows 8 with 4 nvidia K5000 cards, 2 CPUs with 16 cores and 256GB shared memory. Data storage is provided by the davinci cluster with a dedicated 10gb link between the lab and the Rice datacenter.

To support data analysis and visualization outside of the visualization lab, the davinci cluster provides additional resources with GPUs and large memory configurations. The GPU nodes have 2 CPUs with 12 cores and 48GB memory and 2 GPUs with a total of 6GB video memory. The big memory nodes have 2 CPUs with 16 cores and 128GB memory.

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